Our names are Darren Dailey and Caleb Radulewicz. Our main goal is to hunt our dogs and produce the best Terriers we can. We are located in Northwestern Ohio. Our main hunting is for groundhogs and raccoons in Groundhog holes because we work in the Earth. We focus on trying to breed small dogs so they can go to ground easily. We are by no means professionals but have been digging to our dog’s for the past 6 years so we have learned quite a bit from them. We may be different from most Dogman or breeders as they’re not just dogs to us or a working tool. These dogs are our family. If you plan on getting a dog from us and do not treat it with the utmost respect you should probably find a different person to buy from! Darren started our yard 8  years ago after being very selective he found Ellie Mae and Bogun two dogs that have put excellent traits into our dogs, Ellie Mae has an excellent nose and Bogun has drive like no other!! He bred those dogs after they proved themselves and gave me two males Jack and Henry  from there we did lots and lots of hunting acquired a few dogs from close friends and did some breeding of our own! We do not claim to have the best dogs but we are very proud of the dogs we have and wouldn’t trade them for the world!